TMCs Evolve by Staying Customer Focused

Change is constant – this is something we’ve come to understand over the last 30 years serving many of the country’s leading financial service organizations and half of the Am Law 100 – the top law firms in the US. As technology has evolved, so has the service TMCs have been able to offer clients. Some in the industry would say technology is replacing travel management services – and at a rapid pace. But we say it’s opening new doors. While technology has definitely changed the way we travel, the way companies manage travel and the way TMCs manage travel services through automation, analysis, and efficient tools, technology has also increased the need for industry expertise and customized service. It’s often questioned what services a TMC will deliver when an industry shift occurs. Changes such as:

  • Corporate travel bookings shifting to online booking tools
  • Travelers booking directly with suppliers
  • A new technology arises that disrupts the status quo

What is missed though is the window of opportunity these shifts provide to TMCs with deep experience and expertise in a complex and ever-changing customer centric business service. Serving professional services, Ovation has come to understand the intricacies and unique needs of specific business verticals such as financial services, law firms, entertainment and consulting. Our account managers and travel professionals focus on policy, compliance, supplier relations, reducing costs and delivering exceptional value and service. Emerging technology brings new ways to expand our portfolio of tools and services to exceed our customer’s expectations. As we move into a new era of business travel, TMCs will continue to play a critical role in successful business travel programs. The way we communicate, travel, engage and do business is evolving, and for Ovation, the opportunity to offer new services in risk management, data aggregation, reporting, supplier negotiations and overall project management is exciting – it’s only just the beginning.


About the author

Michael Steiner oversees marketing, business development and strategic growth efforts at Ovation Travel. Before joining Ovation, Mr. Steiner was Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Paris-based KDS International. Prior to leading KDS in North America, Mr. Steiner served as Vice President and General Manager of, where he was responsible for the launch and strategic development of this leading travel e-commerce concern. Prior to, Mr. Steiner held the position of Executive Vice President of DirectLink Technologies where he directed sales, marketing and operational activities. Before joining DirectLink Technologies, he was Senior Vice President at Direct Travel where he was responsible for more than $300 million in travel management sales.

Mr. Steiner is an active member and speaker of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and a frequent speaker and writer on the topics of travel management, carbon-neutral travel and online travel solutions. Mr. Steiner is a Business Travel Advisory Board Member of Travel + Leisure. He graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

About Ovation Travel

Ovation Travel Group is a Concur TMC Preferred Partner. Ovation Travel Group is a $900 million travel management company comprised of three operating companies: Ovation Corporate Travel, Lawyers Travel and Ovation Vacations. Ovation Travel Group manages travel services for prominent finance, law, entertainment, retail, consulting and professional service firms since 1984. Our mission is to provide outstanding service, cost savings and comprehensive travel solutions to professional travel managers, administrators and business travelers. Ovation Travel Group is the 5th largest TMC by sales volume in the country according to Business Travel News 2014, receiving accolades from more than 700 discerning clients. Ovation Travel Group operates in over 90 offices nationwide and globally in more than 90 countries. For more information on Ovation Travel Group, please visit:  


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