Welcoming TMC Preferred Partners

We are very honored to open GBTA 2014 with news about our growing TMC Preferred Partner Program. It is an incredible time for our industry, and a pleasure to welcome our new partners as we look forward to long relationships with these remarkable companies.

When we launched this program, we committed to being the trusted technology advisor to the TMC community. The program’s rapid growth reflects their trust in that promise. The rapid adoption of our newer products including TripLink and TMC Messaging is a further testament to that trust.

But don’t take my word for it. Far more compelling than what we say about ourselves is what our new and existing partners have to say about being a part of the TMC Preferred Partner Program. Here it is in their words:


"Through CampbellConnect, our proprietary, TripLink Certified product, we are able to ensure complete visibility, policy enforcement, and duty of care for 100% of bookings regardless of whether the booking was made directly with the agency or via the supplier. This new innovation bridges the gaps in traditional programs to help clients manage every traveler and every penny of spend."

—Bill Campbell, CEO, Campbell Travel Resources



“Our partnership has provided us the opportunity to deliver a much higher level of service to our customers. As Concur has grown its product portfolio to include quality control, traveler risk management, and management reporting, our partnership has also expanded. This expansion has enabled us to deliver increased savings, improved traveler safety, and an overall greater traveler experience. “

—Lamar Schuler, President, World Travel Service, Inc



“Over the last year, our customers have benefitted from our participation in the program both in the strength of the partnership between our two organizations and the assurance that it provides to our clients regarding the Concur technology ecosystem. We have improved our service to our clients, being certified on the API’s was a specific goal. This has allowed Adelman to offer new solutions, such as our Invoice/Itinerary integration for Southwest transactions and the ability to report against Concur Expense in our reporting platform. “

—Ivan Imana, Vice President, Information Technology, Adelman Travel



“With Concur we have a partner with a shared vision of the Perfect Trip – linking Conlin Travel, our travelers and suppliers together via the open platform of the Concur T&E Cloud. Making the investment in the Preferred Partner program allows us to package and showcase our competitive differentiation and commitment to innovation. Conlin Travel has been growing at an average rate of over 20% for 6 consecutive years. Most of this organic growth has been driven by our strong commitment to the online world. Conlin Travel is very passionate about staying a very relevant, “next generation” Travel Management Company in our ever changing global travel eco system.”

—Chris Conlin, President, Conlin Travel Inc.



“Our preferred partnership with Concur demonstrates our commitment to invest in the financial, personnel, and technological resources necessary to leverage the true power of the Concur system for the benefit of our customers. This partnership also assures our customers that we will have preferred access to the latest Concur enhancements and that we employ highly-skilled personnel with an unparalleled expertise on all Concur products and services.”

—Roger Hale, President & CEO ADTRAV Travel Management.



"From a go-to-market perspective, we’ve experienced a positive shift in our ability to position our services in myriad of business development situations as well as an increase in brand awareness. From an agency to key supplier relationship perspective, we’ve seen an increase in collaborative communication with Concur on initiatives that were important to us."

—Patrick Linnihan, President & CEO Gant Travel Management





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