The Social (Fusion) Network: Why It Rocks to Ride the Wave

Kelly Goodman is an Expense Management Specialist at the Florida Virtual School. Last year she Tweeted up a storm and won the 2012 Fusion Wave’s grand prize: free registration to this year’s Fusion in Las Vegas.

Last year was my first time attending Fusion and my opportunity to join in on social networking fun – the Fusion Wave, Concur’s conference Tweet-a-thon. I decided to participate in the Fusion Wave because I rarely turn down a challenge and wanted to win the grand prize – and I did!

Honestly, I have never been a big Twitter user. But last year’s conference was in my hometown and I knew I’d have a better chance of convincing my manager to let me travel to this year’s conference if I won – so I Tweeted pictures and session updates and it really helped me stay engaged in the topics.

Kelly and Gillian

Repeating concepts can help you learn them better. The Wave was great because Tweeting the new things I was learning helped them stick in my brain. And it was great to see other people’s ideas, especially during a big event like Fusion where everyone is attending different sessions and gaining unique insights. Twitter is a really valuable way to see everyone’s perspective in real time, in one place.

There’s no reason not to participate in the #CF2013 Wave! You may just have a little more fun, meet a few more people and gain a bit more knowledge. And who knows? You might just win! (But I’ll be trying, too!)


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