Taming the Cost: Complexity of Password Proliferation

We all have them. I do, you do. Our mothers, cousins, friends and even sometimes to our discontent – our children have them. We just don’t talk about them and they silently pile up before we realize there’s a problem.

I’m talking about the ever-persistent password. The average corporate user maintains 15 passwords between their professional and personal lives. They're funky little character combinations of alphanumeric irritation that remind us we’re all human and at the mercy of our own memory. Roughly 60% of people say they can't remember all their passwords. How many times have each of us experienced this painful reality?

The truth is that passwords are much more than just a memory nuisance – they’re a very real dent in a company’s bottom line. Password reset costs range from $51 to $147 for the labor alone. These numbers show the “cost” of passwords, with their burdens on employees and IT, is steep. Check out the infographic below for more facts on password proliferation.

As a new Concur App Center partner, Ping Identity offers you the ability to eliminate these burdens via PingOne™, our secure, cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) solution. PingOne keeps IT happy and end users even happier by enabling one-click access to Concur’s travel and expense solutions.

About the Author: Ian Barnett is the Business Development Manager at Ping Identity, a Concur App Center partner. Ping Identity is an identity and access management platform that gives enterprise customers and employees one-click access to any application from any device. Learn more about how their app can help your business.

Password Proliferation

Password Proliferation





Photo credit: Alan Turkus


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