The Next Big Opportunity – Thoughts on Concur Joining SAP

When you have the right motivation, change creates opportunity. At Concur, we are motivated to create a simpler, better world for our customers through the perfect trip, the perfect expense report, and the perfect invoice. We’ve always embraced change and innovation as a means to that end. Joining SAP represents the next inflection point in Concur’s journey, a pivot that will enable us to deliver greater value to organizations around the world. It’s an opportunity to enable a new era of effortless cloud business services.


Concur and SAP make sense together because we share a vision around that opportunity. We share a commitment to helping organizations of all sizes “run simple” so they can focus on what matters most to them. We believe in innovation and making big bets to benefit customers. And we recognize that combining our respective expertise, assets and resources will allow customers to operate with unprecedented efficiency, transparency and insight. Together, SAP and Concur can more rapidly expand the ecosystem of partners connecting through an open platform to break down barriers and deliver a new level of integration and simplicity across processes. For all of these reasons, we’re excited to move forward with SAP.



While we’re energized by this milestone and the opportunity it will create for Concur, our customers and our partners, it’s important to know that many elements of Concur’s business and relationships will remain unchanged:


  • We will continue to develop the Concur platform for connecting and engaging the global travel ecosystem
  • There will be no changes to existing customer contracts, service or support
  • We remain committed to delivering against our product roadmap and may choose to take advantage of SAP resources as part of continuous efforts to improve Concur products and services

Change also generates questions, and we are available to address any that you have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone at Concur. We have also developed a list of questions and answers for your review. We remain 100% committed to your success and are honored to usher in this new era of service with you at our side.

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