The Mobile Mind Shift

We’re excited to be cited in a compelling new technology book by Forrester researchers Ted Schadler, Josh Bernoff and Julie Ask: “The Mobile Mind Shift – Engineer Your Business to Win in the Mobile Moment.” Based on 200 interviews with entrepreneurs and major companies across the globe, the book highlights businesses that are taking advantage of mobile moments to improve customer experiences.


The authors explain, "mobile has reprogrammed your customers’ brains.”  Customers can deposit checks, book a rental car, buy a movie ticket, manipulate a spreadsheet or check the weather – all from a mobile device. When they want an answer to something, and a company provides it via a mobile device, the company has exploited a mobile moment and built customer loyalty.



Concur is included in the book’s chapter on technology platforms in a case study that highlights the power of a cloud + mobile solutions to improve the lives of business travelers – the “most mobile people on the planet.” We’re honored to be included in this important book along with our newest partner, Uber.



Visit Ted Schadler’s blog to read more about the Concur case study and the Forrester book.


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