The McKnight Foundation: Making the world a better place one good deed at a time

This post is the fourth in our Small Business Week Spotlight series featuring a few of the remarkable small businesses we work with here at Concur.  


Company: The McKnight Foundation

Number of Employees: 50

Industry: Non-Profit  


Intro: Nonprofits excel at squeezing value out of tight resources, ensuring that they can spend time where it really matters: helping others. According to the Small Business Administration, 7% of small businesses are non-profit organizations. One of those non-profits working to improve their community is The McKnight Foundation, a small business client of ours.  

Founded in 1953, The McKnight Foundation, a Minnesota-based family establishment, wanted to improve the quality of life for present and future generations. Inspired by those in need, their mission is to attend, unite, and empower those whom they serve day in and day out.  

From program interests including early literacy, youth development and rural livelihoods, to collaboration and strategic policy reform, The McKnight Foundation takes pride in making this world a better place.  

In 2013 alone, The McKnight Foundation received funding from a total of 582 grantee organizations. From this, they were able to fund $86.4 million in total grant funding. Like most non-profits, they always seek to maximize the amount they can spend on program work and minimize the amount of administrative spend.  

In order for the foundation to focus on helping others and improving the quality of life for the next generations, they wanted to cut down on the administrative time spent on their travel and expense processes. Concur was just what they were looking for: a simple way to submit expense reports and get insight into expense data.  

The foundation now has 100 percent visibility into employee spend and has been able to save 50 percent of their time spent on filing expense reports. “Concur has transformed the way we manage travel and expense. With electronic receipts, automated approval workflows and standardized processes, Concur is saving us time while giving us control of our data,” says McKnight Foundation accountant Malaika Smith, Accountant.  

What would you focus on at your non-profit or business if you could cut down on the time spent on administrative tasks? Would you create a new program to teach kids how to read? Would you develop a new marketing program to drive revenue? See how Concur can help you spend less time on your expense reporting and focus on what matters most to your business.  


See how Concur can help you streamline your expense reporting and focus on what matters most to your business.

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