The Don’ts of Sales Conference Travel

Don’t break out your travel fight gloves

We all know traveling can be a draining experience, lines, screenings, delays… it can really be a pain to get from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ these days. Sometimes, these frustrations can bring some of those not-so-adored personality traits of yours to the surface. So, if someone cuts ahead of you in line, continuously kicks the back of your seat, spills their drink on your lap, grabs your bag instead of their own and so on, keep your emotions in check. They could be the person you are paired with to do an activity during your next break out session at “Becoming the Best Manager Possible.”

Don’t have “a few too many”

With so many people heading to one place at one time for this event, you are likely going to be rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in business. You could be just one good networking conversation away from an amazing business development. So, that person in the seat in front on the plane shouldn’t be hearing you slurring your words and going on and on about the totally hilarious thing your cat did yesterday. If they do, I doubt they’ll be seeking you out during the conference to talk about doing business together. Besides, excessive drinking causes extra trips to the bathroom, and we all know how much fun using the facilities is on a plane, right?

Don’t forget about those new conveniences

It’s finally the time that business travelers have been waiting for. It’s time for take off and you do NOT have to keep your electronic devices stowed any longer. That means you can grab that adorable travel thing of Kleenex you picked up and overpaid for, fire up iTunes and cuddle up with ‘The Notebook." Or, turn on the Kindle and take the next few hours to read that one book that Sheryl Sandberg got so much press about. The world is now at your fingertips my friends, even at just 4,000 feet.

Don’t insist on sitting with your colleagues on the plane

Remember, you are going to be spending an ENTIRE week with these people. Sure, it’s one thing to share an office space together, but now you will be traveling, dining and perhaps even sleeping within steps of each other. Although you may like your colleagues, that much time together can drive anyone towards Crazytown in a hurry. Seize the opportunity to sit by someone you don’t know and try that whole networking thing you know is so important. With thousands of people cramming into one place for one big event, you are bound to meet some pretty amazing people.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Sometimes gearing up for a week away on business when you have to travel can seem like a drag, but it really can be a week to recharge your mind and take some time for yourself. Watch some YouTube clips of the people you’ll be hearing at the conference, or spark up conversations with the person who is reading that same Sheryl Sandberg book as you are and is also sitting at your flight gate.

In closing, just keep in mind that the conference experience is usually what you make of it, and although business travel to get there can be frustrating, it can also be a lot of fun too. Take the experiencing for what it’s worth, the people you are going to learn from didn’t get to the top by dragging by and complaining about being at these big conferences, they went, they learned, and they have knowledge to share with you, so get excited to get there and grow from it.


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