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It’s 11:00pm and you’ve just landed at an airport in an unfamiliar city for an important business trip.  Your flight got delayed by two hours and you want nothing more than to get to your hotel quickly.  You walk outside only to be met by a torrential downpour and a long line of tired and frustrated travelers all waiting for a taxi.  The ride-share app you were going to try has increased pricing by 5X and you find out they can’t legally pick you up at this airport anyway. You finally get in a taxi and head to your hotel, and as you check in, you realize you forgot your receipt.


Imagine scheduling a ride in advance, with a professional car service company, who tracks your flight and adjusts your pickup time based on your actual gate arrival time.  When you land, you receive a text message with a link to your driver’s name, car type, car number and a secure phone number you call to let your driver know you’re ready.  When you walk outside your driver is there, with the door open, ready to drive you in comfort to your hotel. To top it off, your ride receipt is automatically added to your expense report.  You don’t have to imagine this scenario, it’s a reality now that GroundLink® is integrated with Concur.


Safety and Transparency

According to a recent Phocuswright study, business travelers rank safety and pricing transparency as their top priorities when selecting a car service provider. At GroundLink, travelers receive a consistent high quality ride anywhere they travel.  Each driver is fully insured for up to $6 million in coverage per incident, and drivers must pass a  vetting process which includes an exhaustive background check including a criminal background, sex offender and DMV check.


For full transparency, GroundLink displays all pricing information prior to booking the ride. The price you see is the price you pay regardless of the weather outside or other external factors. Additionally, GroundLink rides are not metered, so if you get stuck in traffic you don’t have to worry about running up a high bill.


On-Time Reliability

Business travelers cited the ability to schedule a pickup in advance as the number one reason they used a car service company.  GroundLink offers the industry’s only on-time pickup guarantee, if the driver is more than 5 minutes late to a pick-up, the next ride is free (up to $75)-  because the last thing a business traveler should worry about is whether they are going to be picked-up on time to make their flight or make it to an important meeting.


Reporting and Expensing

Travel managers and expense managers have long believed that ground transportation was a black hole in terms of spend and reporting. With GroundLink’s integration with Concur, travelers can now automatically send their receipts to Concur for easy expensing.  For additional insight, travel and expense managers can view recent usage and spend, filter and download custom reports and invoices, and see all ride activity including upcoming and completed rides in the GroundLink Corporate Account Center, a dashboard that is free to all corporate account administrators.


For travel arrangers, not only can rides be booked for other employees through GroundLink’s mobile app, website and 24/7 call center, but rides in progress can be viewed on a real-time updated map in the Corporate Account Center.


To connect GroundLink to your Concur account today, visit the Concur App Center. For more information about GroundLink visit the GroundLink website.

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