The 2016 summer internship experience wrap-up

As a graduate of the 2015 Concur summer internship program, and now a part of SAP's Early Talent Aquisition team, I'm proud to say that the 2016 Concur interns have once again exceeded all expectations. As I mentioned in my blog post at the beginning of the summer, the interns spent their first week better understanding how their role at our company makes an impact on the world around them. Fast-forward just a few weeks later, and some interns were already producing deliverables on their projects. Others had taught themselves new tools like Tableau or new programming languages that they’ve never touched before.


Halfway through the program, we participated in an intern hackathon where we spent 24 hours turning an idea into reality. Some groups created programs to improve environmental sustainability, while others developed on our internal tools to enhance our workplace learning and networking community.


As we approached the end of the program, interns presented their progress to the business leaders and executives. Unanimously, the audience was floored; our interns provided insights previously unseen, worked on providing access of our product to the hearing and sight impaired, cleaned up the technology that interprets receipts – and those are just a few examples of the innovation and insight this group achieved.


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One of my favorite moments of this summer was in the last few hours of the internship program. A group of 20 interns relocated to Seattle for the duration of this program; before flying home, they collectively decided to donate the household items they bought for their temporary housing to a local nonprofit organization that supports victims of domestic violence – New Beginnings, and that whole process was facilitated by our Corporate Social Responsibility intern. This final project, end-to-end owned by the interns, was quite an act of generosity and social awareness.



Millennials get a bad rap sometimes. But when I look at our 2016 intern class, I believe more strongly than ever in this generous, innovative, hard-working generation.  If you’re reading this as a Concur intern alumni, thank you for spending your summer with us and we hope you’ll come back soon! To our Concur employees, thank you for providing the resources and support to empower the next generation of leaders in our industry. And if you’re a prospective intern applicant – we have high standards and high hopes for the 2017 class; stay tuned for the application to open this Fall! 


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