Technology Continues to Change the Way We Work

How would you feel about being tracked at any given time via an implanted microchip? It may sound like science fiction, but it’s already happening in ultra-secure workplaces, where the chip allows access to doors or other top-secret locations.

This practice, which uses RFID technology, can also be used to track products or inventory for companies. And it’s not the only technology that’s changing the way people work in an increasingly digital, transparent world. We scoured through the latest technology news and found other technologies that are making their way into our workplace. If they aren't there yet, they'll be there soon:

More mobile, less desktop

According to the Kiplinger Letter, 40% of offices will not provide corporate-issued devices, like desktop computers, by 2016.

Presentations go space age

Spatial computing technology is making huge strides, and will eventually allow users to complete computing functions with gestures or motion.

Wire-free workplace

Desks and workstations will double as charging stations and docks, eliminating the need for wires or plug-ins, and ensuring that your device(s) are always ready on the go.


3-D printing


This Jetsons-like invention creates 3-dimensional objects by adding material, such as plastic, layer-by-layer, based on a computer generated design until an object forms.


Big Brother or big business?


By 2020, it is expected that facial and voice recognition software already in play could run in the background on your device. Meaning you could discuss a meeting time on the phone and it would be added to your calendar automatically. Privacy concerns have kept the technology from the masses thus far, but it’s only a matter of time.

And this is just the beginning. As the technology improves, we will be more mobile, visible and accessible than ever before.


Photo credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by Keoni Cabral

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