How Technology Can Keep You Ahead of New Business Travel Trends

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing global business travel and expense management. These technologies are being used by companies around the world to boost human intelligence and provide better visibility into how money is being spent and how risk is being managed. Is your business keeping pace?

In the first episode of the Intelligent Business podcast, The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Barnwell explores how SAP Concur helps companies keep up with the latest trends in corporate travel management.

The Intelligent Business Podcast

Episode 1: A Shifting Landscape - Business Travel Insights


While the automation of business travel is a significant innovation today, tomorrow it will be status quo. Trends like direct booking and focusing on the user experience are something every organization will need to face. The sooner your organization incorporates new technology into its business travel management, the sooner it will be running at its best.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The attitudes travel buyers have around travel, risk management, and the optimization of international business travel in their organizations
  • The risk of not capturing spend when employees book outside of the corporate booking tool and associated challenges with managing costs, maintaining compliance, and performing duty of care
  • How other organizations are using technology to mitigate the risk of invisible spend through personalization, automation, and simplification

The Intelligent Business podcast is a collaboration between SAP Concur and The Wall Street Journal’s Custom Studios. This new series digs into the stories behind the innovations that allow companies to become smarter about business travel. Listen to the five-part series here.


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