Tech Solutions to Help You Stay Fit in 2015

It’s 2015 and most of us have at least one New Year’s resolution related to exercising more or eating healthier. Before you give up, consider how technology can help you keep your resolution—especially if you’re a business traveler. Back in 2013, Ramon Ray, Small Business Evangelist, shared his favorite pieces of technology to help road warriors stay fit on the road. They’re just as valuable now as they were then, and we’ve added updates with new technology. Check out the tech on his list to keep you healthy and committed to your goals in 2015:


Whether you’re preparing for swimsuit season or just trying to stay fit, being on the road can put a serious crimp in your diet and exercise routine. Thanks to modern technology, though, you can stay on track while living out of hotel rooms and airports.

For the small business jetsetter, here are a few critical pieces of technology that can help you eat healthy and stay active while on the road.

 Lose It—Going on the belief that knowledge is power, Lose It gives you a set amount of calories every day, depending on your own weight loss goals. To eat more, add a little exercise into your day. This free app has five stars in the iTunes Store.

 Nike Training Club—A personal trainer in your pocket, Nike Training Club provides custom workouts that you can do while on the road. Tell the app your fitness level and goals and Nike Training Club provides a list of more than 100 workouts, including unlockable workouts from Rihanna’s personal trainer. Add music from your own music library to give your workout that extra kick.

 RunKeeper—If running is your physical activity of choice, RunKeeper may be more your speed. The app keeps up with your daily runs and allows you to share information with your social media contacts. Optional coaching can keep you motivated through your earbuds while running and stats let you know the health benefits of your runs. You can also view a trail of your runs on the map, further motivating you.

 BodyMedia Armband—Have you ever wished you could wear a device that would monitor your calorie intake and expenditure each day? BodyMedia’s armband puts you one step closer to that technology. By wearing the armband and logging your food intake through a smartphone app (or the web), you can get a daily view of how many calories you consume and burn each day. There are even more wearable options now in 2015.

 Portable Body Scale—When it comes to body scales, dieters have a couple of options. Wi-fi scales like the Withings Wireless Scale upload your data to a website, where BMI and body fat analysis can be immediately obtained. If ultra-portable is your goal, the Portable Body Scale is sleek and lightweight enough to carry everywhere with you, but linking up to your electronic devices isn’t an option.

 Gym Finder—Hotel gyms aren’t the only place to work out. This Gym Finder app for the iPhone can help locate gyms wherever you are, along with directions and exact distance. You can also contact the location directly from the app. And now in 2015 there’s Gymsurfing, too, which allows you to pay a one-time fee for workouts at participating gyms near your current location in select travel destinations.

Work travel is no reason to abandon your fitness goals. Using modern technology, you can merge your home life with life on the road, sticking to your goals and maintaining a healthy routine. Technology tools allow you to track your fitness progress and share your accomplishments with others, helping motivate you by igniting your competitive spirit.


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