Table8: Your Business Dining Solution

Dining on business trips isn’t always an easy proposition. If you’re a food lover (and most of us love to eat, to varying degrees), you need to keep to your per diem or company guidelines. But you still want to eat well, even memorably, as you travel. Maybe you need to impress clients with a savvy, even decadent, local choice in whatever city you might be in. Either way, you wish to zero in on the best in major dining cities and find the gems in cities where you might have to dig a little more.


Unless you’re satisfied going to mainstream chains or picking a random restaurant, this is where it gets complicated. You don’t know the food scene in the city you are traveling to and you don’t have the time — or care — to do the research. You’d rather quickly scan ratings and reviews from experts you can trust alongside consumer/user reviews. To further complicate matters, when you want to eat at some of the top spots, you find that not making reservations days, or even weeks, ahead of time means you have to dine at inconvenient hours — or not at all.



We launched Table8 over a year ago, offering last minute reservations in key cities including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, securing relationships with some of the hottest and also most venerable restaurants in each city. Through these relationships, we offer tables and reservations for peak time purchase (only when the restaurant is sold out/fully booked). In order to further improve the business dining experience, we are rolling out a far larger but highly curated database of restaurants in cities around the world, with unpaid reservations recommendations in all food categories, while any reservation purchased through Table8 (only those “sold out” restaurants), will automatically be sent to Concur for effortless expense reporting.



We are rapidly expanding the restaurants and the cities available on our Table8 app so that by year’s end, there will be more than 20 cities —. And growing. In addition to a handful of last minute tables in each city, we’ll have hand-selected restaurant recommendations, composite reviews from local and national sources, our own ratings and awards and the ability to directly book at dozens of restaurants in each city, from new hot spots to under-the-radar gems, many with lunchtime dining options needed for business trips.



Our larger database will be available to all Concur users in 2016, offering anywhere from 100-500 restaurants in a given city or metro area, all hand-picked, weeding out excess but covering every food category and styles from low-key, casual eateries to fine dining. We have curated data for searchability that allows you to search for everything from atmosphere and dining purpose, to restaurants with notable beer, wine and/or cocktail selections.



Learn more and connect your Concur account today with Table8 in the Concur App Center.


Virginia Miller constantly travels the world in pursuit of her love of good food and drink (dining at over 600 restaurants a year). Starting her own site, The Perfect Spot, in 2007, she quickly became a professional food/drink/travel writer. She is Table8’s VP Content/Senior Managing Editor, creating highly curated dining lists, an extensive database and international dining and drink awards for Table8 in numerous cities around the world. Just prior, she was the full time editor for Zagat San Francisco/NorCal (where still writes) and was the dining critic at the SF Guardian for nearly 5 years. She freelances for outlets such as Food Republic, Whisky Magazine UK,, Drink Me Magazine, 7x7 Magazine, The London Times, Eater, Blackboard Eats, and beyond, judging on spirits panels and for cocktail and food competitions.​


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