Survey Says – You Are Probably Not Taking a Vacation This Summer

A couple of surveys I ran across recently indicate something that is disappointing, but probably not surprising: An increasing number of small business owners are opting to not take time off right now.

And that is sad, for so many reasons, not the least of which is that my pals here at Concur make traveling so much easier than it ever used to be. But beyond that, as we all know, there is plenty of business value in personal time-off:

  • It recharges the batteries
  • It can reconnect you with your family
  • It revives creative juices
  • It is a deserved reward for a job well done

So evidence that entrepreneurs are avoiding vacations is unwelcome, yet nevertheless, a recent survey of more than 1,000 small business owners conducted by Manta found that this is definitely the trend for small businesses right now. Not only did almost 60% of the respondents say they are working more this year, but almost half of those surveyed said that that will prevent them from having time to vacation this summer.

And what about those smart few who will be taking time off? They won’t really be taking time off. 70% say that they while on holiday they will be using their mobile device daily to do email, check in on the office, and work.

As reported by Reuters, another survey from not long ago belies these conclusions. Of those polled in that survey, almost 60 % confessed that they took no vacation. And that then raises the question – why?

  • 37% said that their busy schedules at work were to blame for the lack of time off, while almost 30% said it was a matter of cost
  • About a third said that they worried that a key customer or client would not get the quality of service they required
  • Another 25% or so stayed did not want to miss a potential business opportunity
  • Gas prices also caused pause, keeping some small business owners to not head out of town
  • Almost 60% indicated that the overall state of the economy affected their plans

So what do all of these stats and concerns and worries tell us? Some entrepreneurs cannot see the forest from the trees.

There will always be work to do. Everyone is busy these days. As such, not taking time off is shortsighted. And, even more than that, with all of the connectivity tools available, leaving the office behind need not be difficult, or scary, or in any way problematic. It should be a priority.

Now get out there and have some fun!

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