Work from Anywhere — Super Heroes of the Mobile Age

Humans have been working from anywhere for thousands of years. Only recently, though, have we been walking around with command centers in our pockets. So not only can we work from anywhere today, we’re expected to work from anywhere, and on our way to anywhere. And as you’ll soon discover, some of us have adapted to change better than others.

According to a survey conducted by Regus, 62% of New Yorkers are expected to be, “always on” and available to work from any place at any time. And they need to be “on,” on the go – 89% work away from their primary offices nearly half the month, on average.

It’s New York, sure, but these stats represent a larger, international trend. To achieve small business productivity today, you need to be ready to roll from anywhere, anytime.

Here are five examples of work-from-anywhere domination.


Super Hero #1: The Home Office Jetsetter


So you’ll be working from home. If you’re like most people, your new home office is either your basement or a spare bedroom.

Well, this man-boy built a tree house. Why? Because he knows that a comfortable work environment promotes small business productivity. He may have also caught wind of this Stanford University study that indicates a work-at-home employee’s productivity levels can increase 13% or more when compared to their in-office colleagues. Or maybe he just wanted 170 square feet of isolation from the Mrs.

No matter his motivation, this gent deserves credit for expanding the horizons of home office possibilities.


Super Hero #2: The World is My Office

This person spends as much time away from the office – any office – as possible, yet magically stays ahead of the game while working around exercise sessions, long lunches and afternoons out on a hike.

The smartphone is the weapon of choice for this assassin of conventionality. The device is wielded in restroom stalls, on treadmills, and, well… everywhere.

Mobile apps are what set this hero free. Team coordination and task management can be performed from the sauna or the top of a mountain.

hero of productivity

Super Hero #3: The Spoiler

Some companies prefer to keep employees around the office. So how do these companies compete for top talent in an on-the-go world? They make the office the place to be. Why work from anywhere else when you can slide to lunch… or play foosball… or relax in the employee ultra-lounge?

Spoilers know that relaxing and having fun can be a big shot in the arm for small business productivity. Studies show that comfortable, well-ventilated and well-lit workplaces increase productivity as much as 16 percent and job satisfaction as much as 24 percent, while reducing absenteeism. Spoilers are heroes of the mobile age because, in a work-from-anywhere world, they know what it takes to attract and keep top talent.



Super Hero #4: Nature Nancy

You could say Nature Nancy works remotely, but that would be an understatement. Coffee shops, libraries and other “normal” remote work options are no good for Nature Nancy. She needs a view worthy of a screensaver.

When she’s not shooing bees and avoiding anthills, Nature Nancy is small business productivity maven. Her “scenic” time is for planning and creative tasks, and travel time is for important calls. She’s happy, she’s productive and she’s a super hero when it comes to working from anywhere.

working in nature


Super Hero #5: This Dog

Finally home after catching the redeye back from Hong Kong, Reggie can take his well-deserved nap (right after he catches up on Facebook) because he already submitted his expenses using Concur’s mobile app. Back at the office, Reggie’s corporate credit card, airfare and lodging expenses were imported automatically.

Reggie is a huge fan of the mobile capabilities. “The old process was a like being infested with fleas. Some little thing was always nagging you. But now that everything is either submitted automatically in real-time, or with a quick press of my paw, it’s not so ruff,” he says.

 awesome small dog

With the right technology, anyone can achieve small business productivity on the go. Which “super-hero-of-working-from-anywhere” best describes your work lifestyle?  

Looking for ways to be a super hero of your expenses? Check out our step-by-step guide.

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