Summer Interns — Not Just for Donuts and Coffee

This entry is part of our Summer Intern series at Concur. Our Summer Interns are more than just interns; they are part of our Concur family. So, here are a few of their stories about what they learned while working here at Concur.

Hunting for an internship can be a little bit like hunting rabbits. You can put a lot of effort into trying to bag that rabbit, but you never really know until you have caught it whether or not it has enough meat to have been worth your time. Similarly, once you start an internship you quickly find out if you are going to be given meaty, challenging projects, or if you are headed for three months of endless coffee runs. Here at Concur, it immediately became apparent that I would have more than enough on my plate.

As an intern in the R&D department, I have been building a monitoring dashboard which will provide near real-time status information on our system’s overall health, with a large degree of granularity. I am perfect for this task as an intern, because I don’t have the same variability in my workday as most full time employees. That way, I can devote my entire day to building a high quality solution. By creating this dashboard, I am also learning about the organization of Concur’s system and services at an accelerated rate, making my project and my skills more useful to Concur in the future. In addition to investing in a possible new employee, Concur is gaining a powerful tool for increasing all of their employees' productivity.

Of course, Concur is not the only one who is benefiting from this internship program. In other companies, those who use their interns as “donut and coffee carts”, the only benefit an intern gains from their time is their ability to say, “I worked for 'ThisCompany, Inc.’ for three months” on their resume. After the internship program at Concur, I will be able to say that I worked on multiple projects aimed at increasing efficiency within my team, which included substantial practice in industry standards in web development, database management and source code management. Needless to say, while I move forward in my career, the skills I have developed here at Concur will help me far more than any number of errands.

This coming year, I will finish my final year at the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Science. While what I have learned at school was and still is invaluable, the kind of experience I am getting at Concur is helping me to improve my skills by leaps and bounds, and it is instilling a greater sense of self-confidence in my work. By investing in myself and the other summer interns in the program, Concur is building a highly skilled group of employees, who will enter the next period of their lives with a true understanding of how to help themselves and the company they work for succeed.

About the Author: Currently, Jordan Ness is interning at Concur’s R&D department in Bellevue, WA. He has been working on constructing a monitoring dashboard which will give others in the department easy insight into our system’s health, as well as how our different systems affect each other. Check out more about Concur’s developers here.

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