Success Secrets of Our 2013 Concur Star Award Winners – Part II

We always knew our clients were the smartest innovators in the travel and expense business – last week in Las Vegas, you proved it.

At Fusion 2013, we heard stories from companies who revolutionized their travel and expense management with Concur. And we awarded six of those stellar companies with the inaugural Concur Innovation Star Award – an honor recognizing the best of the best practices.

Now we want to share some highlights from their success stories:


Concur Star:

Number of employees: 10,000

Concur client since: 2007 used Gelco Expense to support the majority of its U.S. employees, while the rest of its global workforce were reimbursed via disparate systems. In 2007, Concur acquired Gelco and decided Concur was the best platform to automate, simplify and scale for its expected growth around the globe.

Open Booking: “Concur Open Booking allows travelers a broader spectrum of services, without the company losing the transparency of compliance and duty of care.” Ralph Colunga, Sr. Director, Global Travel, Meetings, & Expense

Concur Star: University of Colorado

Number of employees: 30,000 Concur client since: 2007 A legacy system was used at the University of Colorado for the procurement card process. Everything else was done on paper – until the University decided to automate its business rules, scan receipts and expedite its process with Concur.

End-to-end solution: “Approximately 60 percent of all airfare is booked through the online booking tool in Concur. The University realized more than $300,000 in savings in just the first contract year with our TMC. Additionally, through a conversion to a corporate-billed and corporate-liability travel card, the University has received $432,000 additional rebate through the commercial card contract.” – Sandy Hicks, Assistant Vice President/Chief Procurement Officer

Concur Star: T-Systems NA, Inc.

Number of employees: 800

Concur client since: 2009

Paper expense reports, two different credit card providers and in-house audit and manual payments were the norm for T-Systems. After years of pushing paperwork, they chose Concur to integrate all the different applications into one service.

Push back on processing: “The entire travel process was extremely cumbersome. A travel request had to be researched and submitted, a travel booking had to take place, an expense report had to be filled into an excel sheet manually, the receipts attached, the report mailed, the accounts payable team had to review all receipts, enter them into the back-office system manually and cut checks to the employee, which were mailed out. With Concur, the processing time was cut from 28 - 42 days to less than 10 days for the same process.” – Martin Lagler, Head of Accounting & Travel

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