Concur Invoice New Features: Streamline Expense Processing

There are business issues that every organization finds challenging. One of those issues is the need to gain insight into their spending.Many of Concur’s clients are benefiting from transparency on their spending through Concur Invoice. We’re happy to announce updated Invoice features which provide additional visibility into your spend.




Connected Lists Can Now Be Tied to Expense Types

Clients can now configure a connected list definition with an expense type field as the first field in a connected list. This allows the administrator to work directly with expense type item code definitions (for example, Awards = AWRDS) that the system will immediately recognize. The system will then display the connected list within the Payment Request Line Item Detail and Purchase Request forms based entirely on the chosen expense type.  

Payment Imports Now Accept Valid Expense Types

The Payment Request Import that Concur performs overnight now accepts valid expense types codes. If the expense type code is invalid, then they system will use the default value (Undefined).  

Capture Processing: New Converting and Receiving Statuses

With this release, two new status types are available in both versions of Capture Processing (Client-Managed and Concur Services). The statuses are:

  • Converting: The batch is being converted in preparation for the Verification or Documents Separation step.
  • Receiving: One or more attachments in the batch is being converted from an invalid to a valid PDF format.

This enhancement allows greater clarity into the system processing of the invoice into the payment request. This feature will automatically turn on, so there are no additional configurations or activation steps.  

Two User Interfaces

We have transitioned to the enhanced user interface as of January 31, 2015. Please review our blog post to learn more. The updated UI brings some long-awaited usability enhancements. Some are functional, such as navigation changes, while others will change the way the user interface looks and feels. enhancedUI3 There are two guides to help clients understand the enhancements. The "highlights" guide is designed for end users and describes the most significant changes that affect them. The "comprehensive" guide is designed for Concur administrators.


The new features outlined above can speed up invoice processing, allow finance teams to time vendor payments and more accurately forecast and manage cash flow. We've heard back from customers about the benefits of using Invoice. St. Jude Medical transformed their expense management through Invoice. Watch this brief video to learn how they did it. By implementing this system, St. Jude Medical was able to reduce their processing time from two to three months down to two to three days!



To learn more or schedule a demo visit the Invoice homepage.  


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