Stevens Engineers & Constructors Recoup Employee Expenses Using Concur Expense

For engineering and construction firms, it’s the finished project that leaves a lasting impression on clients. So when unclaimed employee expenses were consistently showing up after a project was finished, Stevens Engineers & Constructors Inc. found themselves with costs that couldn’t be recovered.

Stevens Engineers & Constructors is an Ohio-based leader in commercial and industrial building. Known for a reputation of being detailed oriented and creating a quality finished project. Mary Ann Andrews, the firm’s corporate accountant, had reason for concern when she began to notice a troubling trend of expense forms not being submitted by staff until after construction projects were complete. This meant costs that couldn’t be billed to the client, and it was time to take action. Mary Ann Andrews reached out to SAP Concur for help.

Andrews manages the expenses of 250-plus full-time staff and thousands of part-time employees, working across the U.S. By choosing Concur Expense, she is now able to easily track employee expenses across multiple ongoing constructions projects and reliably recover costs associated with each. Employees are able to claim expenses on their mobile phones, regardless if they are on a construction site or in an office, making claims and reimbursements much faster.


We used to have issues with expense reports not being filed until after projects were complete, so costs couldn’t be recovered. With Concur Expense, that problem has simply gone away. -- Mary Ann Andrews, Stevens Engineers & Constructors


Takeaway Tip: Build better employee expense processes through the use of mobile automated software solutions.

It’s National Small Business Week and SAP Concur is honoring our small business heroes. At SAP Concur, we create spend management solutions for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Read more about how SAP Concur has helped Stevens Engineers & Constructors and other small businesses overcome obstacles to build a better future.






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