Which Stage of Spreadsheet Expense Reporting Are You in?

You’ve probably seen one of those spreadsheet expense reports with all those receipts sticking to it. You probably even had to create one or two in your time as well. Maybe there’s even one sitting on your desk right now. Or worse, a pile of them.

Someone goes to a lot of work to input those categories, vendors, dates and amounts on that spreadsheet. And after adding up the total, attaching the receipts with superglue (or scotch tape), getting the thing mailed off in time to accounting is just another time-draining aspect to the whole thing.

From Spreadsheet to Reimbursement – Despair

Once accounting gets the spreadsheet, all that information has to be re-entered into the accounting system. And someone has to make sure all those receipts match up on the original spreadsheet in the first place. There’s an awful lot of diligence and time spent on getting that expense report from spreadsheet to reimbursement. On top of that, it probably took a month, or even longer, to get paid.

You were probably tracking this already: the same exact information is input twice by (usually) two different people. Which stage of expense reporting is that for you? Despair?

The Multiplier Effect – Depression

And here’s the worse part… there are some people who go through that process every single month. And they don’t just go through the above process for one employee. They might be doing that every month for dozens. We’d say that’s depression right there.

If you or someone you know is caught up in this cycle of spreadsheet grief, don’t you think it’s time to break that habit?

Next week, we’ll give you some tips on what you can do to end the 5 stages of spreadsheet expense reporting and find yourself basking in online expense reporting satisfaction.

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