Spread sheet and email user interface for Concur with EmailXpenC

Since many of us live in a world where we’re constantly connected, it can be easy to forget that sometimes internet connections are poor or non-existent in remote (and sometimes not-so-remote) locations around the world. And for global organizations that take a phased approach to rolling out Concur across different regions, often the most remote regions are the last to start using Concur. So it’s no surprise when we find large global clients asking for an “offline” solution that can integrate with Concur so that all data is in one place, even if actual expense reports are created elsewhere. email xpenc2


Fortunately, EmailXpenC provides a solution to create Concur Expense reports with Excel in an email, allowing for faster global implementations. The solution incorporates company policies, audit rules, and workflows in Concur. All expenses can be reported and controlled as they would have been created using Concur UI.



EmailXpenC - Concur App Center partner  


Deploy Concur globally with EmailXpenC - Easily and fast

With EmailXpenC, global Concur rollout is a very easy process. Create a basic configuration for the regional business unit, download the expense template from EmailXpenC, and add your company’s custom fields. If you like, you can also use your company’s own Excel template and ask us to modify it to work with EmailXpenC.  

Ability to Create Concur Expense reports in all languages

You can localize EmailXpenC template in any language and it will still work with Concur. So, you don’t have to leave any employee group or country out of Concur’s scope because of the employees’ language skills.  

Create expenses offline and send them to Concur when connected

EmailXpenC is an easy way to create expense reports if a decent internet connection is not available. You are able to easily create expense reports for example, during a flight, while performing field operations, or staying abroad.


To learn more about EmailXpenC visit the Concur App Center here.





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