Solving your business problems with persona dashboards and actionable analytics

Tired of putting reports together for everyone else, or wading through multiple different reports to find the one piece of information you need? We have good news for you. Last year, we released a dashboard for department managers that provides visibility for those who manage T&E spend. At Concur, we understand that it’s not just about access to data and endless standard reports—it’s about turning that data into information that helps solve business problems. Persona dashboards, along with Actionable Analytics, make it easier for you to identify potential problems and provide visibility to the actionable information in a simple consolidated view.  


Persona dashboards

To help you work with your data more effectively, last August we launched the first of a series of persona-based dashboard packages – the Department Manager Dashboard. Persona Packages consist of a dashboard, drill-down reporting and triggered alerts.  As part of the Persona series, we will be releasing additional packages focused on the following management disciplines: Expense, Finance, Invoice, Audit, Travel, Procurement, HR/Legal and Security.


The first dashboard which is for department managers who manage T&E spend for a group of employees helps them answer questions like these:


  • What is my spend against budget for this quarter?
  • How is my T&E budget being spent?
  • How does my average spend compare to the rest of the company?
  • Who’s the top spender in my group?
  • Who is potentially violating spend policy—and by how much?
  • How efficiently does my department process expense reports?


Department Manager dashboard

The Department Manager Dashboard organizes data into two areas:  Spend and Expense Reports. Here’s what it looks like. Figure 1, below, shows you the Spend tab.

Figure 1: Spend Tab


The Spend tab shows you your budget vs. your actual spend, spending that’s happening for future trips, and the employees who spend the most. If you’re close to maxing out your budget, the Spend tab makes it easy for you to see how much your team is spending on future trips, so you can limit additional expenses—either by pulling an employee out of a planned trip, or by giving them a not-to-exceed daily T&E allowance. You can also see how much each employee spends on average, in case you need to reign in any profligate spenders—or ensure that your penny-pinchers are staying in hotels that are safe.


Here’s what the Expense Reports tab looks like (see Figure 2, below).

Figure 2: Expense Reports Tab


The Expense Reports tab helps you identify bottlenecks with expense reports and approvals. It includes both industry benchmarks and historical spend at your own company to provide context, and gives you visual indications if you’re trending in the wrong direction. It also includes unsubmitted transactions, helping you better manage your cash flow and get those transactions through the expense process as quickly as possible.


Besides having all the relevant data you need to manage your business in one location, it’s also important to know when you’ve got a problem—before it gets out of control. That’s where Actionable Analytics come in. With Actionable Analytics, you set thresholds for allowable spending limits and configure the tool to send you an email when those thresholds are breached. The email includes the data you need to take action. We know that people are not always sitting at their desk and able to open the reporting application.  So instead, we push the data into your natural workflow so you can act immediately. Here are some examples of alerts that are currently available:


  • Manager Dashboard Alert: Get a recap of all key metrics about your T&E spend in a dashboard that is delivered to you via email. You can receive this alert as often or as seldom as you like: daily, weekly, monthly, whatever suits you.
  • Budget Alert: The Budget Alert notifies you when your T&E spend has reached a predetermined percentage of your budget. You can also identify any employees with future trips planned so you can decide if allowing the trip keeps you within your budget.
  • Credit Card Transaction Alert: This alert lets you know whenever there’s a credit card transaction over a certain dollar figure, or a transaction at a merchant typically not approved for business transactions. With this alert, you are able to stay on top of potential spend policy violation or fraud when it’s happening, not 30-45 days later when you receive the statement.

Here’s the bottom line:

Your data has to work for you. You shouldn’t have to work for the data.


Instead of having to dig through mountains of data, we’re putting the insights at your fingertips.


To learn more about the Department Manager dashboard and Actionable Analytics, see our Reporting Training page and download the Department Manager Dashboard Change Management Documentation. Our toolkit includes a customizable email template that you can use to roll out this dashboard at your company, as well as slide decks for training and an FAQ.

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