Solving the challenge of obtaining visas or passports with technology

Let’s face it – When it comes to most managed travel programs, visa and passport services are often the last thing on a busy travel manager’s mind – especially when juggling the needs of their travelers and maintaining many large vendor relationships. Yet without this vital and important service, international travel to some of the most lucrative business markets can grind to a halt. 


Visa and passport applications are extremely complicated and time-consuming. Over the past two decades, corporate travelers have begun to utilize technology in a variety of different ways – to book travel, access trip information, and manage expenses. Many have also experienced the frustration of obtaining a visa or passport by spending hours filling out a paper application, waiting in line at the consulate, and wasting time better spent on what matters most to their business.


With the rapid growth of technology, shouldn’t the entire notion of what it means to apply for a visa or passport change too?


As a technology company, at VisaHQ, we found the processes to be unacceptable and decided to improve the archaic approach.  


Visa and Passport Services. Reimagined.

Users obtain visa and passport services online, on a single comprehensive platform with smart technology offerings that quantify the nuts and bolts of your travel program, seamlessly integrated into your Concur solution and providing useful insights. Everything from an intelligent application system that automatically fast tracks your traveler’s applications by using their Concur traveler profile information, to advanced reporting and administrative tools to give you a complete picture of spend and compliance. Add in real time status updates, a transparent pricing model, and automated expense reporting. This is BusinessVisaHQ; the solution created to streamline the entire management of visa and passport services for Concur clients.


Accuracy. Compliance. Duty of Care.

How your travelers apply for travel documents – whether visas, passports, or authentications – matters, and not just to the bottom line. Sure, BusinessVisaHQ can help your travel program save money and time, but our integrated solution with Concur will also provide your travelers with accuracy and expertise, increase your program’s compliance through higher employee satisfaction, and ensure duty of care with traveler-centric benefits.  And we provide the data insights needed to plan for future spend and budgeting on one completely customizable platform built specifically for your travel program.


BusinessVisaHQ is designed to be as flexible and transparent as the ways modern travel programs have evolved in the 21st century. Let us help you do business, better.


Visit the Concur App Center for more information about BusinessVisaHQ or visit the BusinessVisaHQ website.

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