Sneak Peek at Concur’s New Free On-the-Go, In-the-Know Expense Tracker

No one likes doing expense reports.

Here at Concur, we know that we can’t change that fact of life but we can make it much more tolerable. That’s why today at the Finovate Conference in San Francisco, we’re excited to give a sneak peek at an easier way to do expense reports with SmartExpense, our brand new, free expense tracking and reporting app.

SmartExpense is the antidote to expense report procrastination. It will do a lot of the work for you by instantly tracking business expenses, receipts and mileage on the go.

Expense reporting can be easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how it works:

1. Simply add an expense.

Snap a photo of your receipt, email an electronic receipt, enter it manually or sync with a credit card. It’s up to you. Categorize your expense, enter the amount and you’re done.

2. Create a report in seconds.

Select all the expenses you want to include—from mileage to cash tips and everything in between. Create unlimited reports and access them any time.

3. Submit from anywhere.

You can forward your completed report at any time, from anywhere, with a click of the button. Getting reimbursed just got a whole lot faster… and easier.

What makes SmartExpense truly amazing is how it connects with TripIt, the easiest way to organize your travel. SmartExpense will automatically create and pre-populate expense reports with flight, hotel and car rental reservations from your TripIt itinerary, no matter where you book.

By combining the power of each of these free apps, we are making expensing your business trip simple and easy.

You can now throw out your receipts and reclaim your wallet. Instead of spending hours creating expense reports, you can now spend minutes.

To be one first to try SmartExpense, please visit

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