Small Business Week Canada — Insights with Lori Meakin of Cambridge Mercantile Group

Welcome to Small Business Week 2013 in Canada. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to all of the wonderful Canadian small business owners and employees who are strong, successful and social.

After all, SMBs make up 98.9% of all Canadian companies, accounting for over 74% of Canada’s net employment growth, 46% of Canada’s GDP and 60% of all new jobs created annually. So, take a moment to congratulate Canada’s small businesses with us. Better yet, go and say a huge THANK YOU to your local small business for everything they do!

Recently, we took a minute to say thanks to one of our valued customers,Cambridge Mercantile Group, a foreign exchange and global payment service. Cambridge Mercantile Group is anything but small when it comes to success, both their own and that of their clients. As they continue to grow, they have never lost sight of the fact that their success is assured by three critical commitments to their clients: Service that is second to none, Security measures that inspire trust; and Solutions that are tailored to meet their clients’ needs.

During the celebratory week for Canadian Small Businesses, we spoke with Lori Meakin, Executive Assistant at Cambridge Mercantile Group, to learn “Just how do they do it…that extra special thing they do?”

Lori’s top 10 insights:


  1. The best business advice I ever received was from an executive at a major Canadian bank. He said, “It’s best to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.” Now, the top can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but I think over the course of my career, I learned the most by learning skills at entry-level positions, which have been enhanced. I think people have lost the basics.


  1. Don’t wait to be asked to take on new projects and initiatives, as it can be a growth and learning opportunity to add to your skillset.


  1. When I’m looking for ways to make my company more efficient, I definitely like to automate and streamline our processes, such as using Concur for travel and entertainment expenses.


  1. I work best when challenged and busy. Slower and less busy days are a welcome change once in a while, but I like a steady pace of workflow, and at my present job, every day is a different day. You know never what you are going to get!


  1. I was amazed when my coworker took initiative to volunteer and assist with a company-sponsored event. This is a huge undertaking when placed on top of every day duties, but she came through with flying colors and the party was a huge success!


  1. I love what I do because I can work independently when needed, but I can also learn a lot about the business world from working with the executives of organization.


  1. I’m most proud of fixing problems when work issues come up, and I try to be diplomatic in all decisions made.


  1. The greatest innovation in the past 20 years that helps small businesses is automated technologies, as most small businesses still rely on manual processes.


  1. One piece of technology that I couldn’t live without is the Internet!


  1. I simplify my life by having a good life/work balance. I try to live day by day and not stress the big stuff!

Three cheers to Lori for helping Cambridge Mercantile Group and their clients grow and succeed! Hip! Hip! Hooray!


Join us in the celebration by letting us know in the comments below how your local small business helps make the world go around.


Looking for way to help your small business grow and succeed? Follow our blog for additional small business insights, and don’t forget to stop by Concur’s booth at local Small Business Week events, including the Small Business Forum – Toronto today, Wednesday 23, October.

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