Simplifying connections, part 2: Brittenford InvoiceConnect for Concur Invoice

When it comes to improving both the day-to-day and strategic operations of a business, making connections is vital. To highlight the value of effortless connections, we introduced to you to Brittenford ExpenseConnect in part one of this series, available for Concur Travel and Expense customers using either Microsoft Dynamics GP or Intacct.

Meet InvoiceConnect, a connector that facilitates the invoice reception, processing, and payment, connecting Concur Invoice with Dynamics GP or Intacct—reducing errors, saving users in both AP and finance time and money.  


InvoiceConnect: Why Connecting AP and Finance Leads to Savings

According to Aberdeen Research, Concur Invoice users already save up to 70% per year over industry-average through reduced paperwork, better visibility, and improved vendor relationships.

How do these savings break down? Best in class companies, the top 20% in performance according to Aberdeen, recognized the following:  

  • Shorter Invoice Processing Time: Best-in-Class averaged 3.7 days to process an invoice, compared to 8.8 industry average and 14.3 for laggards.
  • Lower Invoice Processing Cost: Best-in-class paid $4.00 to process an invoice, compared to $9.60 for average companies and $23.3 for laggards.
  • Higher Early Payment Capture Rate: Best in class were able to capture 65.8% of discounts available, compared to 42.7% average and an astoundingly low 8.9% for laggards.

By shortening and automating the lifecycle—receive, process, pay—organizations are able to capture more growth opportunities. With Brittenford’s InvoiceConnect,organizations can go one step further by bringing this efficiency into accounting and finance—automating synchronization of vendor records and pulling approved invoices into your ERP software of choice—Microsoft Dynamics GP or Intacct Cloud Financial Management.  

InvoiceConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP

InvoiceConnect provides the power to manage the data mapping between Concur Invoice and Dynamics GP, creating a complete invoice workflow and reducing time, cost, and risk. InvoiceConnect installs directly into your Dynamics GP environment and leverages GP eConnect and Concur Web Services to create a secure, fully automated integration.  This eliminates the need to manually download data extract files.

InvoiceConnect accommodates the following:

  • InvoicePay
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Company
  • Inter-Company
  • Analytical Accounting

Watch the video to see how the Microsoft Dynamics GP workflow integration works.  

InvoiceConnect for Intacct

InvoiceConnect creates an automated integration between Concur Invoice and Intacct to shorten the time to process and file by giving you the power to manage the data mapping between systems. Keep invoices, payments, and vendor information synchronized between systems and fully streamline your invoice processing with no costly custom development or manual processes.

Installed directly into your Intacct environment, InvoiceConnect leverages Intacct Web Services and Concur Web Services to create a secure, fully automated integration that synchronizes vendor records and pull approved invoices into Intacct, eliminating the need to manually download data extract files. InvoiceConnect accommodates the following:

  • InvoicePay
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Entity
  • Inter-Company

Download the InvoiceConnect Fact Sheet. Watch a quick demonstration video to see how the Intacct integration works.  

Concur and Brittenford: A Relationship Based on Simple Connections

Since 2013, Brittenford and Concur have worked together to deliver financial solutions that make it easier for customers to seamlessly share data between Concur and key financial systems..

Ready to learn more about InvoiceConnect, ExpenseConnect or one of many other Brittenford solutions? Take the next step visit Brittenford Systems via the App Center here or here or speak with your Concur representative.

If you purchase either ExpenseConnect or InvoiceConnect by December 23, you will receive 2 free months (about a 20% savings) plus $250 off of the setup fee. In addition, purchase any 2 connectors and save 25%!Each Connector will be $2000 and each setup $1000, so a total of $6000 versus $8000!


Learn more about Brittenford at the Concur App Center.


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