Shave Hours Off Expense Report Prep; Document Receipts Remotely

Concur has partnered with Intuit Anywhere to keep your travel expenses synchronized with QuickBooks. The results: accurate accounting, mobile data entry, time savings and faster reimbursements. Someday, the most forward-thinking accounting technologists tell us, you'll be able to create your own stable of computer applications by selecting the applications that work best for your business and integrating them where it makes sense. So all of your financial solutions will be able to "talk" to any corner of the internet that they need to.

We're not there yet, of course, but Intuit Anywhere has taken us a step closer. Intuit Anywhere is a set of tools for web-based developers who want their applications to connect to QuickBooks, allowing a two-way synchronization of data.

The service launched with a handful of select partners, and Concur was one of them. So your days of scrambling to assemble expense reports from piles of receipts and scribbled notes are over. You and your clients can easily enter expenses on-the-fly from wherever you are, and know that your trip details will be automatically recorded in QuickBooks.

Two Applications, Two Matching Files

Unlike some synchronization processes, it's easy to set up your link between Concur and QuickBooks using Intuit Sync Manager. You simply sign in using your Intuit ID on the Concur page at the Intuit App Center and make sure you're synchronizing with the correct QuickBooks file. Once you're on the application site itself, Concur will automatically import:

  • Account Codes
  • Customers, Jobs and Classes
  • Vendor Records
  • Employee Records

Then it's just a matter of matching Concur expense types to the correct QuickBooks labels and doing some other administrative setup work. From then on, Intuit Sync Manager will keep your Concur and QuickBooks datacoordinated, exchanging data at times you specify. No more duplicate data entry.

Expenses on the Run You'll set up your web-based Concur application on a desktop or laptop PC. And you can, of course, use this customized site for entering expenses and building reports. But since you'll want to keep up while you're traveling, Concur offers free mobile apps that run on the iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. These are abbreviated versions of the desktop app, but you can enter expenses and create reports using any of them.

When you incur a charge on the road, you can either enter the information manually or snap a photo of the receipt with your smartphone – acceptable to the IRS -- and upload it. Either way, the transaction information will go straight to your expense report. Concur employs state-of-the-art encryption to protect your critical accounting data and credit card information.

Simplify Your Client Work

Think about how many other websites could potentially "touch" the information stored in your QuickBooks company file. As of now there are only a few, but you can expect to see more as Intuit Anywhere continues to expand. You'll also see Concur's QuickBooks integration mature even more.

There's another way your firm can benefit right now, though. Using Intuit Anywhere, you'll be able to more easily work with your clients' accounting files. Once that critical connection is established, it's a one-step process to access the data.

It's easy to see how the Concur-QuickBooks connection will benefit your firm. Obviously, you and your clients will save time and money, since you won't have to spend hours trying to reconstruct trip expenses. Travel reports will be more thorough and accurate (no missing receipts or forgotten expenditures, thanks to mobile apps). They'll be neatly organized and easily accessed. And they'll be done when you arrive back at the office, which will mean faster reimbursement.

Welcome to the future of cloud-based accounting. Intuit Anywhere is an important step in its evolution.

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