Self-Education Options

Administrators will see a new question mark button (?) on some Setup pages in Concur Standard for accessing a new self-education pane. On the self-education pane, administrators can search a catalog of interactive training flows, find links to administrator training videos and documents, and start a chat conversation with a Concur Coach.

NOTE: Chat availability is limited by volume and staffing hours. Chat is available between 5:30 AM EST to 2:30 AM EST.

The self-education pane is also available on the following pages:

  • Processor (Expense > Process Reports)
  • Admin Tools - (Administration > Company > Tools)
  • Monitor Batches (Administration > Company > Tools > Monitor Batches)
  • Monitor Payees (Administration > Company > Tools > Monitor Payees)
  • Company Card (Card Admin) (Administration > Company > Tools > Company Card)

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