SAP Concur Mobile App – Expense Cost Object Approver Experience

SAP Concur is pleased to announce the general availability – to all SAP Concur mobile app users - of the new Expense cost object approver experience. The new experience includes the following:

  • In the list of reports to approve, a report with cost object approvals looks like any other report; there is no special indicator or icon.
  • On the actual report, the approver will see only the expenses that are associated with their cost center.
  • They will not be able to see all expenses within the expense report. (This is different from the web version of Concur Expense). On the mobile device, approvers see just the expenses pending their review.
  • At the top of the report appears the total amount of the report and the amount that the approver is approving.
  • Approvers can continue to drill down into the report entry details to get more information about each expense, including how it was allocated to their cost center.

NOTE: The expense details will continue to appear in the legacy user interface at this time.

This new experience can be enabled or disabled via a toggle in the Settings menu, titled New Report Approval.

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