We're Joining the Intelligent Spend Management Conversation at SAP Ariba Live!

If you are reading this, it’s a safe bet you know how important it is to manage the employee spending generated by travel, expenses, and invoices. But in speaking to customers at our recent SAP Concur Fusion event, many of you told us procurement, supply chain, and external labor management are also a big part of your world. As SAP Ariba Live kicks off today, we’re excited to be joining our partners in spend management to talk about SAP’s approach to tackling these problems.

A common refrain we heard from customers was excitement about their organization’s growth, which  is often coupled with frustration for the effort and time it took to show their contribution to that success. But, with growth had come complexity, and increased challenges to bringing together complete, timely spending data across categories. This limited their visibility and slowed their decision making when in fact they needed to gain broader insights into their spending and be more agile to address market dynamics.

Lack of visibility is also impactful at the project level, as shared by another customer. They talked about how excited people in his organization would get about their projects. They were passionate about their mission and would become totally engrossed in the events they were planning – so much so that they didn’t realize they had run out of budget until they had to come back and ask for more money (sound familiar?). 

This created two challenge for the finance leader, first, how to find the funds to bring the current project over the line, but much more importantly, how can they control spending as it happens, so they head off the problem next time, and then be able to fund twice the number of projects.

At SAP Ariba Live, Concur and Ariba are talking about Intelligent Spend Management, SAP’s approach to helping our customers navigate these challenges.  With best-of-breed solutions in travel, expense, and invoice management, as well as direct and indirect procurement, services, and contingent workforce solutions, SAP is uniquely able to capture all spending data, across all categories, and bring that data into one unified view of your spending.

If you are not at SAP Ariba live, you can still learn more about our vision for Intelligent Spend Management. And stay tuned for more about what we’ve heard from you and your peers at these amazing events!


Want to learn more? Download the whitepaper to start tackling the complexities of modern spend management.

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