Fusion 2018: Your Potential is Our Passion

Last week I enjoyed participating in my 15th SAP Concur Fusion event. Every year I look forward to hosting customers and partners from across the globe at our annual client event that spans multiple days and offers a wide range of opportunities for attendees to learn, network and have fun. This year was extra special as we hosted Fusion in our home town of Seattle.

Our theme this year was “Your Potential is Our Passion.” At SAP Concur customer success is at the center of everything we do. We believe when our customers succeed, we succeed, which is why we chose this theme. Our passion is to help our customers unlock their full potential and empower them to do more, reach further, and have even more impact in their businesses. Throughout Fusion we focused on enabling our customers and partners to do just that. 

Our vision is to unlock the full potential of cloud solutions to accelerate the success of our customers, our partners, and our industry. We aspire to help our customers unlock the full potential of cloud solutions so they can:

  • Grow and evolve their businesses through streamlining processes, removing barriers, and saving money.
  • Bring the latest technology to their businesses as soon as it’s available and get the most value out of their solutions every day. Solutions like Concur Detect, an artificial intelligence and machine learning solution delivered by AppZen, an SAP Concur partner, that audits expenses. 
  • Gain powerful insights that enable them to run their businesses better and deliver the experience employees expect. Insights like what can be discovered from our integration with EY that analyzes data to make real-time assessments of a business traveler’s tax and immigration obligations before they travel, with no additional effort required from the traveler. 

During the keynotes on Wednesday and Thursday we covered our vision and three focus areas that underscore how this comes to life: expertise our clients won’t outgrow, innovation that benefits our clients, and how an open ecosystem expands their view. SAP Concur speakers were joined on stage by customers and partners who shared insights about how our partner ecosystem enables them to leverage their spend and partner data to run their businesses better. One of the highlights every year is celebrating our Innovation Award winners on stage who are making a significant impact through the use of our solutions. These keynotes were bookended with an engaging keynote by Fariba Alamdari, Vice President, Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, who spoke about the importance of owning our value and not waiting for inclusion to come to us, and a heartfelt performance by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Brandi Carlisle.

Being a part of Fusion is one of the most rewarding things I do each year. I appreciate the thousands of customers and partners who spend the week with us and the opportunity to listen and learn so much in such a brief period of time. Whether you are a travel manager, financial decision maker, human resource manager, procurement officer or IT administratior, your potential is our passion and we look forward to being by your side to help you succeed. 

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