7.5 Things Sales Pros Can Do with the Extra Time Automated Expense Tracking Gives Back

Never. That’s how many times an expense report has closed a sales deal. It almost happened back in ’87, but the deal reportedly fell through at the last second.

Always. Automated expense tracking may not close sales deals either – but they always save time. On average, reps save 17 minutes per expense report when they automate the process, according to research from the Aberdeen Group. For each of these expense reports, sales managers save four minutes on average.

Everybody likes having more time. So let’s just say your sales team starts to use automated expense tracking. How can the sales pros at your company take advantage of all their extra time? Let us count thy ways.   


1. More sales calls

Let’s tackle the obvious one right away. If you have more time from not having to fill out an expense report form, you can pick up the phone one more time and make another sales call. The average salesperson makes eight sales calls per day – why not make it nine? Your extra time means more time for sales calls, more time for preparation, more time to decide what to do with the extra commission earned.

2. More appointments


On average, it takes 6.25 hours to set one appointment. For most sales teams, automated expense tracking frees up time for a whole lot of extra appointments.

Mrs. Highly Qualified Prospect will see you now.  

3. More sleep

Finally, your revenue-generating staff can get a full eight hours. With all the extra vitamin Z, they’re sure to look fresher, think better and sell more.

4. More TV


A person could make a serious dent in The Simpsons or Law and Order, two of the longest running shows on TV. Netflix binge, anyone?

5. More travel


Why not get extra face-to-face time with your most valuable prospects and customers? The money automated expense tracking saves will free up budget for travel, sales seminars and trade shows. Need to visit and extra office or city while you’re away? No problem. And don’t worry about a tedious, complicated expense report after your trip because that, too, will be no problem.

6. More prospects


The 80/20 rule is true for most sales pros. It means that 80 percent of sales come from 20 percent of clients. Using Concur, sales reps and managers can easily identify the most profitable prospects to focus on.

6. More exercise


Exercise at work is proven to increase productivity, and sales can be a stressful job. Give your staff extra time to walk, run, sprint, or find their inner chi.

inner chi

7. More reading

I’m not sure how long it actually takes to read War and Peace, but I do know how thick it is. With all the time automated expense tracking saves, sales pros should be able to finish this classic and read a few sales-oriented bestsellers to boot.

7.5 Reminisce about the old days of expense reporting


New hire: “You actually filled out a spreadsheet and submitted it with a stack of receipts.”

Veteran: “Yep.”

New hire: “You must have had a bunch of lost receipts and data entry errors.”

Veteran: “Yep.”

New hire: “Did you have to wait a long time to get reimbursed?”

Veteran: “Yep.”

New hire: “Business trips must have been a nightmare.”

Veteran: “Yep.”

New hire: “So you must really love this automated expense management solution.”

Veteran: “Yep.”

New hire: “Good talk.”

Veteran: “Yep.”

Let’s keep this list going. Sales pros: what do you do with the extra time automated expense tracking saves? Tweet us @Concur #salesfreedom and let us know.  

If you haven’t yet freed your sales staff to bolster the bottom line, find out how much of a difference automated expense tracking makes with a free test drive.

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