Running Simple With Concur: Your Stories, Part 2 – South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA)

This is the second in a three-part series highlighting how businesses using Concur are innovating travel and spend management to make life easier for administrators, end users and travelers so they can focus on what matters most.  


What Matters at SCRA

SCRA is an applied research company managing national and international R&D programs with focus areas including prototypes, maritime technology, advanced materials and energy. With a cumulative economic output of over $18.1 billion since 2006 and approximately 15,000 technology-related jobs, SCRA is making a significant contribution to South Carolina’s economy. So, while travel is required to get the work done, the processes for reporting it just can’t get in the way.  


Turning Travel Around

SCRA had a manual expense report process, where receipts were lost all the time and they had no visibility. “No one should have to focus on expense reports or travel, or how to get anywhere. They should really be focused on what they’re going to do, whether it’s sales, support or anything else,” said Joel Sandstorm, Senior Accountant, SCRA. “Travel is something necessary that the organization is asking them to do, and we don’t want the expense process to be laborious and painstaking.”  


An Easier Way

“Now with Concur, our adoption rate is over 90%. Because Concur is so easy, we realized we can change our processes. Concur is such a game changer, it’s almost a no brainer, and that thankfully has made it very easy for us to keep everybody in line with the process and our policies.” See how South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) reached a 90% adoption rate with Concur in this video.

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