Running Simple With Concur – Your Stories, Part 1: Del Mar College

We believe that managing travel and spend to should be simpler for every part of your organization, whether you are a Concur administrator, a business traveler, an AP specialist or a travel manager. But the best experiences, stories and insights come from you - the people around the world who use Concur every day. This blog is the first of a three-part series highlighting how Concur customers are innovating and leading teams, organizations and industries.  We’ll share accounts of how you’ve discovered new and better ways to handle  travel and spend, so you can focus on what matters most.  


What Matters Most at Del Mar College

Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, Del Mar College empowers students to achieve their dreams. The college caters to a diverse student body and ranks among the top in the country for granting associate degrees to Hispanic students. It’s a place that gives everyone the opportunity to advance their careers and pursue their goals through education – even if they can’t attend college full time.  


Tackling Paper to Create a More Effortless Experience

The school needed a more efficient system with internal controls that supported college policies and procedures—and something that made the traveler accountable for the submissions, not the business office.  All while providing a great experience for end users, the Concur administrator and the processing team.


When the team saw Concur, they knew they’d found their match. “I got a big, happy feeling when I saw how easy Concur was to use. It would not only simplify things for our processing staff, but for our travelers, too,” said Jessica Alaniz, travel administrator and assistant to the CFO and vice president of operations for Del Mar College. “We could put controls in place and hold our travelers accountable for submitting the right information. Our travelers could use their mobile phones to take pictures of their receipts and submit reports electronically. Concur was great for everyone.”


An Easier Way for Travelers and Processors

The college has already seen results. “Our travelers no longer have to deal with receipts and paper, or wait until they get back to fill out reports. If they fill out something incorrectly, leave something out or aren’t following policy, the system lets them know,” Alaniz said. “We’ve gotten a lot of great comments on how much time they’re saving and how much they like the mobile app.” “When we first introduced Concur, people said, ‘It can’t be that simple.’ Then, they saw the software in action. It really is that simple to use. It’s easy for the traveler, easy for the processor and the customer service is top notch, too. It was an all-around great choice for us.”

Read the complete story about Del Mar College here or learn more about solutions for your higher education finance team. Do you have a great story to share about how Concur makes your life easier? Let us know by contacting us at!  

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