Houston, we have a problem…

The only thing better than proper communication is proper and timely communication (and that goes true even if your employees are in space). Last Saturday (10/31) I opened my inbox to an email alert from our Chief Security Officer about the tragic accident of Metrojet Flight 7K-9268 over Egypt. The flight had taken off from Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt en route to St. Petersburg, Russia with 224 individuals on board. Unfortunately there were no survivors, and there are conflicting reports on what actually happened. Investigations are in progress and it will take a long time before  any official conclusions are made public.


With this heart-wrenching news, however, these comforting words came through:



Concur risk messaging - duty of care travel program



This message not only put me at ease right away but also showed me the power of Concur’s products and tools.



When disastrous events like this occur, time is of the essence - but companies often scramble, using manual processes or disconnected systems, to obtain information about their employees’ whereabouts. Once companies locate employees, it can be a major challenge to connect with them and ascertain whether they need help or not. The best technology available will not be useful if you are not able to quickly and easily locate all your employees—whether they are traveling or working at the company’s corporate office, a remote office, or their home office—so that you can communicate with them at a moment’s notice.



At Concur, our security personnel use Concur Risk Messaging to locate and communicate with employees in real time. The product is built on the same three core principles that guide all product decisions at Concur: Connected, Effortless, and Transparent. Concur Risk Messaging provides a real-time feed of your employees’ whereabouts so that you can easily and effectively carry out your duty-of-care responsibilities.Additionally, our customers use Concur Risk Messaging to send the right messaging, to the right people, at the right time, to better manage their travel and expense spend, improve business efficiencies, and enhance traveler productivity and experience. You can learn more about Concur Risk Messaging here.



Concur risk messaging 2  


Here are a few screenshots that show Concur Risk Messaging in action:

Figure 1:  Users – your company’s security personnel – can see location-specific, real-time risk assessment information at a glance. Concur risk messaging5 - duty of care program Figure 2:  Users can search by flight number, setting the date range to see if any employees were booked to travel on a specific flight, or if any employees are scheduled to travel on that same flight in the near future.


Concur risk messaging6 - corporate travel Figure 3:  Users can search by Itinerary details, such as airport. This screen shows a search by airport code that yields no results – meaning that no travelers are scheduled to be traveling to the selected airport during the selected date range. In this case, that represents a good outcome.



Concur risk messaging7 managed travel program Figure 4:  Users can limit search results to see which employees are scheduled to be in a certain geographic area (such as US, Africa, and Europe) during a specific date range. This can be helpful when it is not necessary to see all employees globally, such as when an incident is limited to a specific region.



Concur risk messaging8 Figure 5:  Users can zoom in on a specific geographic location by entering a location name – such as Egypt – in the search box at the top.



Having a tool to manage duty of care – such as Concur Risk Messaging – is like having an insurance policy. You sure hope you’ll never need to use it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it.



-Mithun Dhar

Director, Evangelism (Developer Relations) & Marketing


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