Rise in Air Passenger Duty Leaves Businesses Grounded

Business travelers across the UK were faced with another challenge a couple of weeks ago as the UK government announced that air passenger duty will rise for the second time in as many years. But this is no small rise; the minimum increase will be nine percent, whilst some long-haul destinations will see a 55 percent increase in the levy. What has been a challenging couple of years for business travelers in the UK appears to facing a new hurdle. But what can be done to cope with the new charges?

There are two options; fly, or don’t. For some businesses, flying cannot be avoided. It is often essential in order to secure new business and sales, as well as maintain existing business relationships. The lower cost alternative of a video conference often doesn’t have the same impact as a face-to-face meeting. Businesses that have no other option than to fly really need to ensure they are monitoring the cost of, and securing the best flights deals as possible. With this new levy, business travel is about to come much more expensive.

But instead of trawling the internet for the cheapest flights, many businesses are incorporating online corporate travel booking tools – such as Concur’s integrated travel solution – into their travel program to ensure their business travelers can find the most cost-effective flight. Booking tools give travelers fast and easy access to the most cost effective flights, while taking the hassle out of booking and encouraging travelers to book within policy. Remember, whilst the duty on airfares may be increasing, your organization’s time and expense for booking flights needn’t be.

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