Sir Richard Branson at NBTA 2010: The Top 10 Things We Took Away

Whether you’re at NBTA or keeping up from afar on happenings, one thing is for sure: there’s a fantastic panel of daily general session speakers lined up. Yesterday, attendees had the privilege of listening to Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Brands.

Here are the top 10 bits of wisdom we took away from this remarkable business leader:

  • Amenities are essential. After all, “flying should be fun.” Give people what they want - to be entertained.


  • When it comes to business, you have to differentiate to not disappear.


  • Surround yourself with a great team – always look for the best in people and motivate them with praise.


  • Nothing replaces face-to-face meetings. Teleconferencing isn’t the same as meeting in person. Personal interaction is always best.


  • Don’t be afraid to take on the “big guys.” You will survive by doing it better, by beating the best.


  • It’s most important to create a business that people want to work with.


  • The world runs on fuel. Clean fuel is essential, and we will see a fuel crisis in five years if we don’t find a sustainable solution. Virgin is working on using algae as fuel.


  • It’s the little things that separate successful companies from those that are not. Providing good customer service goes without saying. Always consider your customer’s feedback and work to improve.


  • The airline industry is challenging and unpredictable. Anything that can go wrong, will – SAARS, 9/11, global recession, etc.


  • If you are a positive person, positive things will happen.

Those are our top 10 take-aways from listening Sir Richard Branson yesterday. But he provided so many great insights – both into the travel industry as a whole and what it takes to build a successful business – that we’re sure there are more.

If you heard him speak yesterday, what did you take away from the session?

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