Request Assistance Screen Updates

The Request Assistance screen has been updated on SAP Concur's mobile app. The updates are:

  • The Request Assistance screen has been redesigned to make it easier for the user to request assistance.
  • On the Request Assistance screen, the updates include:
    • The Describe your situation text field has been moved to the next screen. (Note: The Describe your situation field is now a mandatory field.)
    • If there is no emergency contact information, then only the Request Assistance button displays below the map.
    • The Request Assistance button is now blue.
    • On the map, the user's current location is now represented as a geographical marker ("dot"), rather than a geographical marker ("pin").
  • On the next screen, in the Send My Location area, the user can include their location information in the Request Assistance message, or remove it by tapping the x button.

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