Reporting healthcare professional expenses with ease and accuracy

Concur clients in the life science industry are now quite familiar with the new reporting requirements of the Sunshine Act (also known as the Physician Payment Sunshine Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). Drug and medical device manufacturers are required to report payments and transfers of value made to “Covered Recipients.” The term Covered Recipients refers to U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals. Common expenses that must be tracked include meals and other forms of entertainment that are frequently incurred by life science sales representatives. However, for many life science companies, expense tracking for healthcare professionals can be challenging due to the rate at which information changes.


HealthLink Dimensions has observed that physician data changes 2% - 3% on a monthly basis. That’s a rate of 24% - 36% degradation of data annually. Obviously, assigning spend to the appropriate physician is paramount to retaining a company’s reputation, physician relationships and avoiding government fines for inaccurate reporting. However, the reporting inaccuracies that were identified when the Open Payments database went live are evidence that companies struggle with maintaining accurate physician data. How can companies be sure they are utilizing accurate physician information in their aggregate spend reporting?



Life science sales reps can now quickly and easily identify the unique healthcare provider associated with their reported expense within Concur Expense using the HealthLink Dimensions Connector app. A Concur user can enter an incurred expense, search for the provider with known information (such as first and last name) and instantly retrieve matches for physicians based on the search criteria. Matching healthcare provider information is delivered into the search results area within Concur and includes data fields required for compliance reporting such as physician name, address, NPI number, state license number, and specialty/taxonomy code.Concur users can simply select the appropriate match and then assign the healthcare provider information to their expense report.



HealthLink Dimensions’ database of healthcare professionals is compliance grade, meaning life science organizations can be confident they are incorporating physician data that is correct and up-to-date. With the HealthLink Dimensions Connector app it’s quick, easy and convenient to improve the accuracy of your aggregate spend reporting.



To learn more about the HealthLink Dimensions Connector app or to inquire how to access it visit the Concur App Center


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