Rapid prototyping, rapid feedback

What makes us tick is continually learning and developing. This month, we participated in Fusion, a yearly event that showcases the latest from Concur and engages 2,500+ clients, customers and partners in travel and expense. For four days, our Concur Labs demo booth became home while customers and clients stopped by to share their ideas and try new prototypes and designs.


Labs Methodology

During our innovation sessions, John Dietz, VP of Concur Labs, talked about the Labs methodology—an agile process that starts with rapid prototyping to identify: 1) Is the idea technically possible? 2) How long it would take to develop such a solution? What follows are several stages of building and road-testing. The prototype is then shared with internal teams to determine if it’s a product fit or if it’s better suited for partners.


Most concepts are built on the Concur Platform using Concur APIs so Labs projects can easily be adopted. The best example of a third-party adopting Concur Labs prototype is “Trace,” which started its life as a submission to the Ford hackathon and turned into an app that tracks mileage and expenses right to Concur from a Ford dashboard or smartphone.


Sharing Ideas & Feedback with Concur Labs

Throughout the conference, we heard about what kind of problems we can help solve, like mobile reporting and auto hotel check-in. We rely on this kind of early input and explore new paths as we go. Here’s a few of the projects we demo’d at Fusion to capture fast feedback:


Personal Cards makes it ridiculously easy to identify and submit personal bank transactions to Concur for expensing. It lets you filter transactions by your Concur trips, and submit those transactions to Concur.



Concur IFTTT Channel: ifttt.com/concur lets you easily connect Concur with other services and devices. Imagine switching off your lights remotely when you leave for a business trip. Or uploading email receipts from your inbox to Concur automatically. All possible with IFTTT.


App Recommendation Engine matches your itinerary with local apps for transportation, travel bookings, dining and more. Suggested apps are auto-generated and personalized for you. This will be available for beta this summer.


We received a ton of feedback andquestions from those who visited the Labs booth and sessions. For those who weren't at Fusion, fret not! You can check out more projects and be part of the process at concurlabs.com. We'd like to hear your ideas: conceptlab@concur.com.



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