Quocirca Explores What It Takes to Manage Road Warriors’ Expenses

Constantly on the road and racking up daily expenses, road warriors can be tiresome and costly members of any team to keep financial tabs on. While new technology and a broad choice of smartphones have made their lives significantly easier, it has also changed their travel needs, habits and expectations.

To help companies address the new dynamics of their mobile workforce, the folks over at Quocirca have put together a useful travel and entertainment (T&E) focused white paper titled, On the Road Again: Managing the Road Warriors’ Expenses.

While more road warriors are now using their laptops less often for daily activities, few appreciate it when employers require computer-based expense reporting, whether it’s on a spreadsheet or through a commercial system. Smartphones, after all, have already changed how we use, exchange and track money – from depositing checks with a photo to paying for parking with a phone call. Today, all travelers are looking to save time and become more efficient, and they expect their smartphones to be part of that solution.

The Quocirca whitepaper breaks down the current expense-reporting standard and points out where the disparate forms and modes of payment can cause errors and create unhappy travelers (not to mention adding unnecessary time to report processing). It also explores how the mobile phone has become the preferred device for transactions and suggests the ways a mobile device can be used to streamline travel and expense management e.g. capturing and reporting spend closer to the point of payment.

The paper then goes on to explore how mobility can and should fit into a company’s expense report management system. To meet the needs of both companies and their travelers, a solution must be easy to use, able to protect against accidental and fraudulent use and be versatile enough to consider exceptions and track expenses at an individual, group and corporate level. Companies considering how to incorporate mobile functionality into their system are encouraged to look for on-demand providers that:

  • Demonstrate flexibility in their platform to quickly and effectively embrace new devices and technologies as they come to market


  • Have major partnerships with data suppliers to adequately capture booking and expense details


  • Can show a track record of innovation (using mobile phone cameras to capture receipts, engage in mash-ups) that points toward future innovation and progress


  • Offer full 24x7 global support with domain expertise


  • Supplies robust reporting capabilities that can drill down into expense data and look for savings from multiple angles

To learn more about how to effectively manage the expenses of road warriors, you can read the whole whitepaper here.

What tools do you offer your road warriors to make them more productive?

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