Quiz: What Your Expense Report Says About You

Wondering if you’re dedicated to the details, reckless about receipts or laughably laissez-faire on submitting expense reports? Find out how your expense reporting fits with your road warrior lifestyle and how new habits could supplement your old tricks with Concur’s quiz: 1) I would describe myself as:

1) I would describe myself as:

     a.  Organized, methodical and punctual

     b.  Carefree, easygoing and often tardy

     c.  Usually on top of things, you know, sometimes

2) My average time for completing expense reports usually ranges:

     a.  It’s done before my plane lands

     b.  Three months, five months… I’ve stopped counting

     c.  Generally a week or two

3) After I get the bill for my meal, I immediately:

     a.  Take a picture with my smartphone and upload it

     b.  Crumple it up and shove it in my case with the rest

     c.  Maybe take a picture, if I remember

4) When I come across an expense I suspect may be out-of-policy, I like to:

     a.  Stop immediately and contact my travel manager

     b.  Ignore my suspicions and take a bath

     c.  Check in with my travel manager at some point to make sure I’m in compliance

5) At the end of a day on the road, I like to:

     a. Take 10 minutes to organize and report my expenses

     b. Practice my jump-shot by throwing receipts in the trash

     c. Put receipts in an envelope for later and eat cheese puffs

If you answered:

Mostly As: You are an expense reporting pro! Travel managers love expense reporters like you because your dedication to organization makes everyone’s job easier – especially yours. Methodical, dedicated and quick expense tracking on-the-go helps keep your life organized. You’re a model expense reporter! Keep up the great work.

Mostly Bs: There are a few habits worth changing for unorganized road warriors, and receipt hoops is one of them. Your expense reporting isn’t the most, uh, appreciated in the back-office, particularly if it takes six months to file a report. But there are some simple ways to auto-correct your relaxed routine:

  • Try taking pictures of your receipts before you turn them loose on the recycling bin basketball court.
  • Take 20 minutes to organize your expenses on the plane ride home to prevent nagging six months down the road.
  • Befriend your travel manager and always check up on compliance questions – it’s good courtesy, and even better karma.

Mostly Cs: You are a good mix of organization and carefree. While it may be hard to be vigilant about your expenses at all times, you’re generally good about keeping up with the work. However, there is still room for improvement:

  • After you’ve uploaded pictures of your receipts, then be merry. After all, cheese puffs are the best reward.
  • Try gently reducing your report turnaround time from two weeks to two days. It will give you more time for more important things, and your travel manager will be your new best friend.

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