Quick Reimbursement for Small Business Expenses

Quick Expesne Reimbursement Keeps Employees Happy

Employees at small businesses are the epitome of the phrase “jack of all trades,” only with the spin that they are actually usually masters of not just one, but all the activities that take place in the business. From handling orders and working with customers to staying late and putting in extra time and energy to help the business grow—small business employees are oftentimes as devoted to the business as the owners.

When it comes to reimbursing your employees, you want to be as quick about paying them back as they were in purchasing a much-needed item for your business. Rather than allowing them to be out-of-pocket for weeks, reimburse them quickly with Expense Pay for Concur Breeze. You don’t need to write a check. You don’t even have to wait for payroll. Just reimburse the expense by transferring the funds from your bank account to your employee’s. It’s that easy. And even better, it’s free.

It’s also secure. Concur helps thousands of companies around the world with expense management. And reimbursing employee expenses safely and securely—for businesses large and small—is one of the things we do best.

Your employees are a big factor in your company’s success. They’re the people you rely on to keep your business going when you need a day off, a week off, a vacation. They don’t just support your business, they support you. And you want to do the same. Using Expense Pay for Concur Breeze to reimburse your employees quickly and securely is great for morale. And great morale means happy employees and happy customers. And with so much happiness going around, it's great for you and your business.

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Concur is a leading cloud-based provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Our easy-to-use, Web-based and mobile solutions adapt to each employee’s preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies large and small. No matter what size the organization, we help control costs and save time. The Concur Connect platform allows an entire ecosystem of end users, customers, suppliers, and solution partners to access and extend the Concur T&E cloud, which delivers travel and expense solutions and services otherwise unavailable to them.

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Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Founded in 1993 on the premise of helping drive costs out of businesses through innovation, Concur’s services are trusted by over 20,000 clients around the globe with around 30 million users. Learn more at www.concur.com.

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