Q3 Product Update Highlights

With the third quarter of 2015 in the books, it’s time to review some of the updates and improvements we’ve made here at Concur in the past few months.  



Here are a few highlights:  

Performance & Support

  • Implemented HTTP2 protocol, which has improved page render times by 50% across the Concur site
  • Continuing to post performance status on the Concur Open dashboard 
  • Increased support team capacity by 35% this year, which means we can respond faster to you, and resolve any issues more quickly



  • Added the ability to support Google calendar integration, so itineraries booked through Concur (or emailed to plans@concur.com) can auto-populate a user's Google calendar, showing travel time as "busy"
  • Established new partnerships with Lufthansa and Lyft, which means that a traveler's expenses for these partners can flow directly into the traveler's expense report


Concur App

  • Implemented the "travel recommendations" feature, which allows travelers to choose a hotel based on where they've stayed before, where their co-workers have stayed before, and where other Concur users have stayed before



  • Implemented Purchase Requests in the standard edition, allowing users to request approval to make purchases and then issue purchase orders to vendors
  • Implemented Purchase Order Matching in the standard edition, streamlining the process of matching invoices against purchase orders - and ensuring that you pay only for the items that you have ordered and received



  • Customer Learning Series - improve your foundational knowledge of the Concur product suite if you are new to the administrator role, or add depth to your configuration or audit skills
  • Concur Client User Group - share your questions and real-life answers with other Concur customers


We are always striving to share relevant information with you, in the ways that help you most. If you have feedback on our quarterly product updates, or suggestions for how we can communicate product information to you, we want to hear from you! Contact us at experience@concur.com.

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