How Public Sector IT Can Transform Government With AP and Expense Automation

No one gets into public sector IT seeking hero worship. Yet, whether they know it or not, government IT leaders today are in a position to swoop in and dramatically change their agency for the better. Thousands (nay, millions!) of dollars can be saved for decades to come. Generations of government staff will be spared tedious and time-wasting tasks. Staff will be able do their expenses from anywhere. Fraud will be a thing of the past. 

All thanks to your one heroic investment in modern accounts payable and expense management software.

Extending AP Automation to State & Local Governments

Improve visibility into and control of cashflow. 


But, first things first. Before you can be catapulted from IT leader to IT legend, you’ll need to convince other decision makers within your agency that modern AP and expense management software is an essential and solid investment. Which is no small task given the current work climate. To help get that conversation going, here are a few talking points that you can use to make the case for upgrading your system.


“We can actually see where our money goes.”

If your public sector organization runs on taxpayer dollars, there’s no such thing as too much transparency and visibility into spend. By automating and connecting expense and invoice processes, state and local government leaders can track spend more easily and thoroughly than ever, and then use this transparency to both build credibility and remain accountable to constituents.


“We can plan budgets based on real spend data.”

When you don’t know how much money is coming in or going out, it’s impossible to make strategic decisions and plan well for the future. By connecting spend data, and seeing where every dollar goes, you get valuable insights on past spend that will allow you to guide and control future budget decisions.


“Our staff will love this technology — and love us for providing it.”

When government leaders bring simple, mobile-friendly spend management tools to their agency, they can give staff the freedom to work on their own terms and establish goodwill between managers and their staff. New spend management can also reduce time-consuming and frustrating manual processes, increase productivity, and help agencies hire and retain talent who expect the latest, greatest technology at work.


“We can eliminate errors and stop fraud in its tracks.”

By automating travel and spend management, you can take honest mistakes and employee fraud out the equation. When you have solutions that automatically audit expense reports, allow employees to submit and approve expense reports from anywhere, and more, your agency can save hours of time and thousands of dollars.


So, there you have it. You’re exactly one big IT solution away from achieving hero status. To learn more about how a streamlined and efficient AP and expense management system can transform your government agency, visit our public sector hub




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