Productivity Tips: How to Avoid Technology Distractions

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Rieva Lesonsky of SmallBizDaily for a quick coffee break webinar, Productivity Tips: Get Back to What Really Matters. As a small business expert, Rieva knows a thing or two about how to do more with less in order to get back to what really matters.

As an added bonus, Rieva answered a few questions from the audience, including my favorite, "What helps you to be less distracted by technology?"

Here are a few of Rieva's tips on how to be more productive and less distracted by all the pings, dings and zings of tech notifications:


Turn your machine to quiet.

It can be hard to focus on a project when your machine is pinging you at all moments of the day. Why not just turn your machine to quiet? Turning off those pesky notifications can help you focus on what really matters.

Here's a handy way to turn off notifications if you are using on Google Chrome.


Schedule time to check email.

Divide the hours in your day up like a pie. Look at what section of each hour you want to check email. For example, check your email on the hour or at 15 minutes to the hour. Stick to that time schedule to help be more productive.

Pick a few times throughout the day to answer email. Rieva checks her's first thing in the morning. Her coworker takes the first hour of the day to ignore email. Pick a time that is best for you and block that time on your calendar.


Organize your inbox.

Use multiple email addresses. More email? Not really. By using multiple email addresses, you can filter your inbox by priority. Rieva uses a different email address for only newsletters. That way her work email stays clear of non-priority emails and focuses on the things that really matter.

Use filters. Both Gmail and Outlook have filters that can help you prioritize your inbox. It can take a bit of time to set up your filters. However, once your filters are set up, your inbox will be clutter free.

Looking for more productivity tips?

Listen to the free webinar recording to learn how to:

  • Do more with less
  • Eliminate the do-nothing tasks and focus on those that will impact your bottom line
  • Procrastinate creatively (yes, that’s actually possible)
  • Effectively use unscheduled time.

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