Pressed for time? Outsource your household chores

There is one commodity we never seem to have enough of, regardless of age, profession, or location – time. It’s precious and fleeting. I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more quickly time seems to pass. However, there is good news! It is now easier than ever to outsource everyday tasks to help you save some of your valuable time.


Food Preparation


foodprepIf you want to avoid meal planning and the grocery store altogether you can have meals delivered right to your door, and not just your typical takeout. Plated and Blue Apron are two services which create healthy, chef-designed recipes and ingredients and deliver them to you. You won’t have to worry about the food spoiling because it arrives in a refrigerated box that will stay fresh for 24 hours. When you get home from work you just whip the ingredients together, and in less than 30 minutes you’ll be eating a delicious meal! As an added benefit, you’ll have an easy-to-follow printed recipe card for future meals.

And finally there is a simple answer to the age-old “what’s for dinner” debate. Munchery provides nourishing, affordable, chef-cooked meals delivered right to your door as well.A plethora of chefs create a variety of dishes, everything from salads, entrees, desserts and drinkswhich you can order directly from the Munchery website or app. Your food will arrive on-demand or you can schedule delivery up to a week in advance to allow you to effectively plan your meals. The meals are precooked, chilled and placed in microwave-safe containers allowing patrons to heat their meal in less than 10 minutes. Munchery donates a portion of their profits to the Bay Area SF Marin Food Banks and Food Runners to support their efforts to end hunger.

Everyday Tasks

There are certain tasks that the majority of us try to avoid at nearly any cost, but are sadly nearly unavoidable. These are time consuming tasks such as cleaning, moving, or handyman activities. Many are turning to services like TaskRabbit to outsource these mundane tasks. The benefit to using a service rather than hiring someone off Craigslist is that workers are already fully vetted. In order to become a “Tasker” for TaskRabbit, one has to pass an extensive background check and in-person interview. Plus, every task is covered by a $1 million insurance policy.


Domestic Chores


movingErrands such as picking up items at stores and food at restaurants take up a considerable amount of our “free” time. Rather than looking for places that deliver, you have the option of using Postmates, which can have nearly any product delivered to you in under an hour. Their service is an on-demand delivery platform that connects customers with local couriers who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store across 20 major cities.




Everyday chores such as doing the dishes, writing thank-you notes, or picking up the dry cleaning can also be outsourced. For around $8-30 an hour, depending on the skills and tasks, assistants can save you a ton of time.

There is a growing movement to use virtual assistants to accomplish tasks such as paying bills, managing emails and booking travel. You can access a virtual assistant through services like Zirtual and outsource a wide variety of repetitive tasks that bog you down.

How much is your time worth? Just like there are solutions to streamline processes at work so you can cut costs and get faster, there are plenty of reputable companies who can help you keep your sanity and allow you to focus on what matters to you in your personal life.

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