Presenting 8.0! A Look at the Latest Concur Smartphone Release

This last summer was an active time for Concur’s mobile application developers. Substantial improvements were delivered for all three versions of Concur’s mobile app, version 8: iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Most noticeable, the user experience was redesigned to incorporate improved graphics, screen layouts, and workflows. The home screen in each version is now a beautiful array of carefully selected information and actions designed to give quick access to frequently used features, such as Trips, Quick Expense and Reports. We thought you’d like to see for yourself.


Concur for iPhone Screenshots


Concur for Android Screenshots

Concur for BlackBerry Screenshots

Other more subtle changes make the app more intuitive and consistent with the best design practices for each type of device, such as the use of standard icons and careful placement of buttons and menu options to guide user choices more fluidly. My favorite changes include simple improvements such as carrying forward the date and location from one expense entry to next avoiding unnecessary key strokes, and the more clear presentation of AMTRAK search results.


While keeping the application intuitive, our developers and designers continue to pack in additional options such as selection of expense policy for our more complex, power users. And an all-round crowd pleaser? The improved performance resulting from the implementation of GZIP compression. Not only do our technologists have a great eye for design, they always strive to incorporate technology that makes life easier for our busy travel, expense and invoice users.

Get the latest mobile version at iTunes, Android Market or BlackBerry App World.



At GBTA, we announced the addition of air booking. It’s coming soon. Look for it in December.



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