Pilot Flying J Finds Success through Increased Visibility with Concur

Concur’s mission is to drive costs out of businesses through innovation. Here’s a new client case study that demonstrates how one company uses Concur to help them drive costs out of their business.

Pilot Flying J, the largest U.S. operator of interstate travel centers and leading seller of over-the-road diesel fuel, was recently in desperate need of an automated solution to effectively process approximately 800 expense reports and 15,000 invoices per month. Wanting to gain visibility into these processes while reducing their total workload, they turned to Concur® Travel & Expense and Concur® Invoice to implement for this effort.

Before implementing Concur, Pilot Flying J was using manual, paper-based processes such as Excel spreadsheets, scanned documents on the back-end and paper invoices for their 20,000 employees and 550 travel centers. This caused poor visibility and an overloaded staff. Accounts Payable Manager, Estelle Bluhm, says “Automating our expenses was the best thing we could have done for Pilot. Concur has given us a great load of accomplishments.”

Some of the accomplishments Pilot Flying J was able to achieve using Concur include:

  • Rapid payment process that allows Pilot to reimburse employees’ approved expense reports within one day


  • Significant time-savings, allowing resources to be allocated away from solely processing expense reports and invoices


  • 100 percent visibility into all invoices, as well as faster and more accurate processing


  • The ability to process invoices twice as fast as manual keying


  • The ability to record liability at the end of the month

“Pilot could not be happier with their decision to execute Concur,” says Bluhm. “It has given us a single solution where there is one place for employees to access their travel booking, expense reporting and invoice processing.”

The future looks bright for Pilot Flying J. With plans to implement Concur’s mobile solution, this multi-national, escalating company continues to prosper and remain the largest U.S. operator of travel centers. Estelle Bluhm says, “I am very anxious to see what the future holds with Pilot Flying J and Concur. I would have never thought that automating expenses could be so exciting.”

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